CINDU. V is an architecture and interior consultant providing bespoke solutions to major to minor projects respecting the ecology, energy and traditional architecture principles for the past 28 years.


CINDU. V is the founder and Chief architect of  ‘CINDU V TECH ‘  for the past 14 years and has made the journey of design and execution purposeful  respecting the dreams of the clients, motivating the providers, contractors, consultants into a cohesive team with great respect to the ecology energy and tradition.


A gold medallist from the college of Engineering Trivandrum. She had worked with masters of architecture in Kerala as well as United Kingdom for 14 years before venturing into private practice in 2006.


She has extensively travelled in India as well as abroad and has visited more than 16 countries

She is actively involved in leadership training programmes, motivating the young generation and women empowerment and fully committed to moulding well informed and motivated young generation.



Architecture and Interior Consultant with 28 years of experience and client satisfaction

Lets work together to design a cohesive,inspiring space-one that is a reflection of your unique personality,interest and

day-to-day needs.

What We Do


Our practice is Designing Complete Environments - exceptional buildings, communities and places—in special situations, where a unique historic or natural environment requires an especially thoughtful and innovative solution.

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